Gold IRA Companies Reviewed

If you think that the current market price of an iphone is very high, then wait till you see the new iphone6 which is covered with pure gold. Turn the phone upside down, and the small apple logo gets filled with 45 diamonds. The weight of this phone will be slightly higher than 112 grams as it contains 128 grams of 18 karat gold. The price range of this phone starts from $25000 to $35000. Get yours before the stock runs out. Already there is a huge demand for this phone, it is either because people have become richer, or Iphone has managed to take its place within our physiological needs.

So as we can see that gold is one of the most influential substances which companies can use to manufacture their products, making them stand out from the rest. On the other hand, Samsung released its new Galaxy SIII which has crystals embedded along the edge of the device.

This phone is available in both 24 karat as well as 18 karat worth of gold. These are the world’s most expensive phone currently present in the market. If you are a collector of cell phone, this is the time to get yours before the stock run out. The companies themselves had not realized that they would receive so many orders. The customers have already started to put their orders online and the demand rate has been very escalating. It is better than what the specualatorshave thought of.

The companies themselves are optimistic and they are quite confident about the fact that they will be able to generate higher profits in the future. The main idea is simple, since gold is unreactive, it can be used to manufavture different materials which can be bought from shops in your local city. However, these gold plated cell phones will not be found now, you have to wait for a few more days to get your hands on it.